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Since the start of Tiny Miracles Kitten Rescue (TMKR) it’s been a dream of founder Lauren Bookout to have a physical location. It brings us great joy to announce that, come April 2024, TMKR will be turning this dream into reality by establishing a central headquarters (HQ) location.


Until now TMKR has been been operating out of our homes and a small storage unit. With unwavering support from our community, we have seen continual growth, welcoming over 600 cats and kittens into our care in 2023 alone. To sustain this momentum and effectively manage our operations, a headquarters is imperative.


Given the delicate needs of kittens, especially those requiring round-the-clock care, we will remain a 100% foster-based rescue. While the HQ will not serve as a permanent residence for the kittens in our care, its establishment will enable us to serve the community more efficiently and seamlessly.l provide an alternative area to host meet and greets with potential adopters. 

Outlined below are several key purposes the HQ will fulfill:

  1. Intake: Currently, when we receive an intake request, a team member must either meet the surrendering party in a public location or disclose their home address. Understandably, this presents safety concerns. A dedicated HQ will ensure team members can process intakes and surrenders while safeguarding their privacy. Additionally, a sterile environment conducive to proper disinfection is vital for intake procedures and the overall well-being of our kittens.

  2. Speuter Night: We typically house all the kittens going for spay/neuter the night before in one location so we can ensure that food is withheld at the appropriate time and all kittens are ready to go. Most spay/neuter transports are for 30-40 cats. As you can imagine housing that many cats in one home can be very difficult; even just for one night. Having a HQ will allow for speuter nights to be held here in one location rather than having to split a transport up overnight into two homes.

  3. Meet and Greets: Currently all meet and greets are done in foster’s homes or at PetSmart. This space will provide an alternative area to host meet and greets with potential adopters. 

  4. Supplies/Storage: Centralizing our inventory of medicines, food, litter, formula, and other essentials streamlines operations and facilitates inventory management, ensuring we can promptly restock depleted items.

We want to thank each and every one of our supporters for helping making this milestone a reality!


Preparing HQ will be broken up into a series of phases.

Phase I: This initial phase is dedicated to setting up the infrastructure necessary to accommodate all essential supplies and prepare for kitten care during spay/neuter nights and intake. Key objectives include procuring additional kennels, revitalizing the environment with a fresh coat of glossy paint, and constructing storage systems. We estimate that Phase I will cost about $2,000


In future phases we plan to install a washer and dryer and make other improvements. We will continue to update on the plans and status of additional phases.

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