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As a foster-based rescue, TMKR relies on the support of dedicated individuals who open their homes to vulnerable kittens.

Foster's provide a safe space for kittens to land before finding their furever homes. While fostering for Tiny Miracles Kitten Rescue you will be paired with a mentor who will be there to answer any questions or concerns you have regarding your foster kittens. We provide all the formula, bottle feeding supplies, medical treatments, as well as wet/dry food and litter when available.

Kittens can stay with a foster anywhere from 4-10 weeks depending on the needs of the kitten and type of foster home. Below are some of the different type of foster homes needed all kitten season long!

Types of Foster Homes

Feeding Newborn Kitten

Bottle Babies

Bottle babies require around-the-clock care and are a great fit for fosters who work from home or do not work. Feedings range from 2-4 hours. Stimulating and keeping these babies warm are huge components for this age group.

Mamas and Babies

Mamas and babies require a low-stress environment, preferably without lots of other animals. Mamas could be pregnant or already have kittens. This is a great age group to see kittens grow up from a few days old without having to bottle feed them.

Image by Kym Ellis
Image by The Lucky Neko

Weaning Kittens
(3-6 weeks old)

Kittens 3-5 weeks will need care every 4-6 hours. They might still want a bottle if wet food isn't enough. Kittens this age will need often need help transitioning to wet food with a slurry mixture.

Weaned Kittens
(6+ weeks old)

Weaned Kittens are great for people that work or are on the go on a lot. They'd need to be fed 3-4 times a day. These kittens are fairly independent, but love to play and cuddle with their humans. These kittens stay with their fosters until adopted after turning 8 weeks old.

Two British Kittens
Image by Marina Hanna

Special needs

Special needs kittens include CH, Swimmers Syndrome, Blind, Deaf, disabilities, etc. Fosters will need to understand the conditions and be willing to work with the kittens to ensure the best life possible.

Foster Responsibilities

  • Submit weight of foster kittens weekly

  • Submit new pictures of foster kittens weekly

  • Notifying mentor of any changes in behavior, stool issues, or other concerns with their foster kittens

  • Administering oral medications such as dewormers as directed

  • Notifying mentor of any scheduled vacations or absences so that temporary placement can be coordinated

  • Dropping off foster kittens with mentor day before spay/neuter procedure

  • Picking up foster kittens from mentor day of spay/neuter post procedure

  • Bringing kittens to adoption events or dropping off and picking up with mentor day of. Fosters are not required to stay for the duration of adoption events but any time you are able to is much appreciated.

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