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Types of Foster Homes

As a neonatal rescue, we still have options other than bottle-feeding available. We understand how busy life can get and not everyone has a schedule to work around 2-hour feedings in newborns. Below are some different foster needs we see all kitten season long!

Feeding Newborn Kitten

Bottle Babies

Bottle babies require around-the-clock care. Feedings range from 2-4 hours. Stimulating and keeping these babies warm are also huge components. These kittens will stay with fosters for about 10 weeks until they are adopted. 

Mamas and Babies

Mamas and babies require a low-stress environment, preferably without lots of other animals. Mamas could be pregnant or can already have kittens. Fosters normally keep them for about 12 to 16 weeks. 

Image by Kym Ellis
Image by The Lucky Neko

Weaning Kittens
(3-5 weeks old)

Kittens 3-5 weeks will need care every 3-4 hours. They might still want a bottle if wet food isn't enough. Fosters will have these kittens until they are adopted.

Weaned Kittens
(4-8 weeks old)

Weaned Kittens are great for people that work or are on the go on a lot. They'd need to be fed 3-4 times a day. These kittens are fairly independent, but love to play and cuddle with their humans. These kittens stay with their fosters until adopted after turning 8 weeks old

Two British Kittens
Image by Marina Hanna

Special needs

Special needs kittens include CH, Swimmers Syndrome, Blind, Deaf, disabilities, etc. Fosters will need to understand the conditions and be willing to work with the kittens to ensure the best life possible.

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